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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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on select new volkswagen models. we begin with two big problems on bay area freeways, backing up the evening commute more than usual. sky 7 hd is live over san jose. you see dirt all over the road there. the south bound lanes are still blocked as crews clean up. it happened just after 1:30. the highway patrol says the truck's left front fire blew out and the truck sit the divider. the full load of dirt spilled all over the roadway. the driver has minor injuries. lanes are expected to reopen in half an hour. another traffic situation on south bound 880 through oakland.
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inspectors are checking a section of 880 for damage because a big rig crashed into an overcrossing. this happened about a couple of hours ago. the truck's trailer resting against the freeway pillar. this crash is expected to slow traffic throughout the afternoon and evening commute. you can see it backed up already. the highway patrol tweeted out this picture of the accident about an hour ago. it shows the big rig turned over on its side. the driver suffered minor injuries. good afternoon, everyone. >> san jose police arrested a janitor on child porn charges. he's and of having more than 100 videos of child pornography on his home computer. police say it shows sex acts with children, some just toddlers. ruiz was arrested after the child porn task force conducted an internet sting on child porn. investigators are now trying to
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identify the children in those videos. the replacement on the expansion joints on the bay bridge will continue soon, but without the steel plates over the top of the payment that caused the gridlock. >> caltrans announced a wra it's figured out how to avoid those temporary covers. >> laura anthony is live with the story. >> reporter: hi, harry. it will cost more and will take a little longer, but the steel plates that caused that big log jam next month will not be there any longer. caltrans has found a fix that involves a different type of concrete. those infamous steel plates that caused so much trouble for commuters in october won't be back. that's according to caltrans, which announced they found a way to replace the aging expansion joints on the upper deck of the western span without using the plates.
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>> what we're going to be doing is we're using rapid set concrete. that way we can get in there, do the job in one night, you know, and go ahead and be done by morning. >> reporter: that is one section per night. no plalts needed. the repair work will be done between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the cost will also increase from $1.7 to $2.7 million. >> it will cost a little more money. the project is going to take a little more time than expected. but the upshot is, no more plates and traffic will be able to flow. >> reporter: starting friday, lane closure also be staggered throughout the night. just one west bound lane in the early evening with as many as four closed at 3:00 a.m. this morning's rain was partly to blame for at least three -- one man was injured
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after a tree trunk split and hit him on the head. that happened around 7:30. one resident said the city isn't doing enough upkeep. >> they're not maintaining the trees. >> at this juncture, in my professional period, most of these trees should be removed. they're too tall and too hazardous. >> the order was drafted. we have to go through the approval process. >> the director of public works says the plan would replace any trees that's reached a certain age. but right now there's no money allocated for it. >> we had the rain overnight and we need it. it's a cloudy day now around the bay. this is a live look with the sun peeking through in a couple of spots. we'll join spencer christian in a few minutes. but right now, here's our update. >> the clouds are sticking around, but the rain is out. you had those wipers on full
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speed earlier this morning. take a look at rainfall totals. it's been almost two months since san francisco has seen 0.3 of an inch of a rain. that's what we picked up this morning. santa rosa picking up about 0.1 of an inch. live from emeryville, some peeks of sunshine. 62 in san francisco. a lot of 60s on the board. 59 in half moon bay. we'll show you the clouds hanging around and it will be a mostly cloudy overnight period as temperatures fall into the 50s. one more live look here. the first forecast calls for morning temperatures in the 40s and 50s with areas of fog. by the afternoon, yes, we do have sunnier days ahead. but i am tracking the next rain
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maker. >> you can track the rain any time with our weather app. we have more information at a the man known as evil elmo was back in a courtroom today. his name is adam sandler, charged with threatening to attack a woman at fisherman's wharf. he dress up as elmo and asks people for money to take his picture. he was arrested in new york. merchants say he's been harassing people there at fisherman's wharf. >> in this case, he made a very frightening, specific threat to a woman to rip her throat out. >> obviously, he's annoying. some people don't like him. a lot of people give him money for that picture. >> sandler's father offered to take him to oregon where he could get some counseling, but he reneighbmains in justdy.
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his bail was reduced to $150,000. police officers are marking a come we are anniversary today. >> 20 years ago, officer james gelf was killed and his death led to changes in how officers are armed and tonight he's being remembered for his sacrifice. >> we're joined now live. leeann? >> reporter: officethe officer silled on november 13, at 6:00 in the evening. every year, they come here to pay tribute to the fallen officer. same spot, same time. so if you were here 20 years ago, you would have remembered this shooting. the officer confronted a man who was transferring guns from one stolen car to another. officer gelf had a six-shot revolver, which is what officers in san francisco carried 20 years ago. as he was reloading, the shooter, wearing body armor,
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unloaded his weapon, killing the officer. it was a very intense shootout between police and the suspect who was later killed. police found the shooter had two assault rifles, three semiautomatic hand guns and military gear. tony rivera was the police chief at the time. >> he had a bullet proof vest, a kevlar helmet, you know, and automatic we mon. -- weapon. it was just so, you know, jim didn't have much of a chance. >> reporter: there was such an outcry from police in the community that two years later, the department changed to semiautomatic hand guns. also after his death in 1999, a law was passed in california that said violent felons could not purchase or possess body armor. but ten years later, that law was overturned. beginning at 4:30 this evening, cars will not be allowed to park in that section of the street
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because of the ceremony. that section will reopen at 7:00. >> thank you. an alert highway patrol officer up covered about $100,000 in drug money yesterday in nevada. investigators say the cash was going to be used to buy a large quantity of illegal drugs. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, sexism and politics. the lecture nancy pelosi gave today after a reporter asked her a certain question. plus, a baseball hall of famer shares his personal struggles fighting a health problem. new at 4:30, a now day on the comet. let's check our traffic. we're live over the scene of the accident or what's left of it on highway 101. this is 101 south bound lanes
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blocked, just one lane getting through. a big rig blew a tire. you can see all the remnants of the traffic, how far it's backed up. the big rig dumped its load of dirt on the road. they're hoping to reopen the road in about a half an hour. stay with us. back aft oh chris, di? oh, i knew i forgot something. i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. it takes two seconds, better safe than sorry, right? yeah, who knows if we'll even get service on the island? what! no service? seriously? you guys might actually have to talk. to each other? we do it all the time. i like it. should we? no.
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on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. covering san rafael, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. water officials say built-up pressure brew the cap on a
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four-inch water main in walnut creek resulting in a gusher 80 feet in the air. it took about 2 1/2 hours for workers to shut off that main. san francisco democrat nancy pelosi wasn't having it today when reporters asked her something they doubt they would consider asking a man. a reporter wanted to know why after a third disappointing election pelosi isn't considering giving up her position as house minority leader. >> when is the day when you said to mitch mcconnell when they lost the senate three times in a row, aren't you getting a little old, mitch, shouldn't you step aside? but it just is interesting, as a woman, to see how many times that question is asked of a woman and how many times that question is never asked of mitch mcconnell. >> pelosi and mcconnell are both
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in their 70s. congresswoman pelosi said she'll be there as long as her members want to. lou brock, baseball legend, was in san francisco talking about a personal batter he faces every day. he suffers from type ii diabetes. brock was a great base stealer back in the day and talked about controlling his blood sugar and urged patients to get medical advice. >> the importance of listening to the medical professionals. we have a tendency to get hand me down information from grandma and grandpa and it doesn't work. >> patients also got their questions answered about specifically what they can and can't eat to avoid spikes in blood sugar. it's estimated in 20 years, 1 in
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10 people in the world will suffer from diabetes. our abc 7 food drive is under way. >> we have partnered to help feed 780,000 people each month. >> spencer christian is live at the san francisco food bank with more on how you can give where you live. hi, spencer. >> reporter: yes, you're right. this is our 23rd year partnering with feeding america food banks. today here in san francisco, we are going to be meeting the executive director, paul has been doing this 25 years ago. in those 25 years, i'm sure you've seen the need change from year to year, but i'm told it's great this year. >> it is. we see it going out this week alone, we'll be providing food for 144,000 people. that's a typical week for us. we'll try to do more during the holidays. >> on behalf of abc 7 and our parent company, walt disney, we want to present you with this check, this $15,000 check.
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>> $15,000 is very helpful. it helps us serve people every week of the year. and to do things like molly is doing over there, doing the extras. >> reporter: this is molly burke, she's the nutrition education program manager here at the san francisco food bank, preparing a persimon salad. she's preparing something nutritious, not expensive to prepare and helps the clients stretch their food dollars. >> that's right. if we show them how to prepare it, their lives are better. >> let me remind viewers that you can help our effort here to feed hungry communities by texting the word feed to 800774. a $10 donation goes a long, long way. we'll have more in just a few minutes. larry and alma? >> thank you, spencer. since spencer is there, here is
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the weather. hi, drew. >> we had dry skies this afternoon. the clouds, though, are filling back in. overnight tonight, we'll see little in the way of stars. rather active this morning, tracking all that moisture moving in from the west. now that moisture is out of here, but the clouds, they're still lingering. live shot here. we'll show you clouds overhead. notice the roadways are still damp. with that, a combination of a light breeze. some of that could be dense in areas. be aware of that fog. we are tracking sunnier days ahead, including part of the weekend and a wetter pattern hooks to break out next week. so good news for us. we'll have the fog and the low cloud cover overnight tonight. and we'll see the clouds hang on for the first part of our morning. so overnight lows, not incredibly cool with that cloud cover, acting as a blanket.
4:18 pm
as we take it into the morning hours and into the afternoon, you see the clouds break down. sunshine for the afternoon, but then the cloud will build back in. that sunshine will disappear. so sunny break as we round out the work and school week. but there is some encouraging news. as we pull out and show you the pacific ocean and the water vapor loop, the pops of green you see, that's plumes of moisture. when you see ups and down with this pattern, it's very unsettled. that means we have more chances to see rain on the seven-day forecast. that means more chances to help out this drought we have across the state of california. highs for friday, we do notice we're drying out in the way of sunshine. clouds first thing in the morning. 64 for san francisco. that's where we should be this time of year. 66 behind oakland. 66 in san jose. 67 the high in napa.
4:19 pm
seven-day forecast, afternoon sunshine for friday. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover on saturday. so mostly cloudy. breaks of sunshine. inland, in the upper 60s. by sunday, we'll see the clouds first thing. then afternoon breaks of sunshine. so turning sunny and a touch warmer inland. going to 70 degrees. then monday, partly cloudy. we're dry, but we talked about the active pattern that looks like we'll see our next chance of rain coming in on tuesday. right now it looks similar to the setup we just had today. it comes in late in the evening and stands into the early morning hours. 68 for inland. 64 along the coast. the rain continues again into wednesday and thursday, we're mostly cloudy. latter half of the seven-day forecast, there's good news. rain is on the way. the longer-term forecast keeps us unsettled. so we start off that rainy season here in november. guys? >> thank you, drew.
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be sure to join us for a special abc7 news i-team investigation at 11:00 tonight. the maternity ward mixup that shocked a dad at a local hospital. a stranger was about to breastfeed his child. how did a newborn end up with the wrong mom? and what is the hospital doing to make sure it doesn't happen again? that story tonight at 11:00. up next, rock 'n' roll star bono's mid-air flight scare. what was lost mid-air? up next, hulk-mania comes to abc7 news as we sit down with silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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a close call for bono. a door fell off a luggage section of his private learjet in mid-air. the singer was traveling from
4:23 pm
dublin to berlin with four friends for germany's version of the emmys. it happened yesterday as the plane was coming in to land. two pieces of luggage were lost. nobody was hurt. aviation officials are looking into the incident. they expect it will take six to eight weeks to complete their investigation. today, abc7 news is proud to launch our operation save a life to prevent tragedies from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter nick smith joins firefighters. >> reporter: abc7 news morning anchor emceed the fifth annual save a life. our gm spoke about the benefits of promoting carbon monoxide awareness week and expressed his gratitude of detectors. promoting awareness is crucial, because many low-income families
4:24 pm
have used grills and portable heaters inside the home, placing them in direct danger. >> carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. >> reporter: last year, more than 3,000 people died in home fires. >> we've given away thousands of smoke alarms and co detectors to people who may not be able to afford them. >> reporter: the largest amount of fire deaths occur at night while people are sleeping, demonstrating how working alarms can make a difference between life and death. nick smith, abc7 news. >> operation save a life serves as a reminder to be prepared. we've posted guidelines for stocking your emergency kit and developing a plan for you and your family. still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00, the threat to the weather warning system that alerts us to
4:25 pm
severe conditions and how this could happen, plus why. plus, new challenges for the comet mission. what scientists are revealing about this historic landing. later, 250,000 photo negatives of local history. the new exhibit going up to showcase
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anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. and, we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, prescription drug coverage, plus free memberships at participating gyms. now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. live from the kgo tv
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. little rain caused a lot of problems. this morning's showers brought down several city-owned trees in san francisco. one man was walking by when a tree fell and was seriously injured. so the question is, what should be done about all those old trees? carolyn tyler tells us this issue may be before voters. that's coming up at 5:00. the place that slowed down the bay bridge commute are gone. laura anthony tweeting today, caltrans has found another less disruptive solution. the chinese have been accused of hacking into our weather satellite, prompting noaa to shut down its computers for repairs.
4:29 pm
david louie is live with how this happened. david? >> reporter: harry, we all wanted to know about this morning's rain. hackers generally go after financial or credit card information. so in this case, it's a real mystery why they ear going after weather data. data security experts tell us it's likely the hackers go into the computer network months ago. access gained by tricking an authorized using to clicking on the a link. that gives hackers access to satellites and data used by forecasters. >> the data those satellites gather in addition to the images, they gather pressure data, temperature data, sea surface temperature data. that all goes into the computer models that we use. >> reporter: noaa won't say if
4:30 pm
they broke into the servers or intercepted data being transm transmitted from satellites. once aware of the breach, it conducted unscheduled maintenance. a congressman from virginia says noaa told him the attack originated in china. >> if this was truly a nation sponsored attack, certainly this is very scary that they were able to gain access to this and potentially change the status is something that average americans should be scared of. >> reporter: his concern is rooted in the mission critical nature of noaa, providing weather data to forecast the path and intensity of hurricanes, storm systems, and to track jet streams. meteorologists say the accuracy of their forecasts depend on a steady flow of data. >> those are used by lots of different parts of the economy, be it ships, aircraft, be it ground transportation.
4:31 pm
they look to see where areas of fog are. >> reporter: in san jose, david howie, abc7 news. lightning strikes to the united states are likely to double. researchers at uc berkeley says lightning increases as the world gets warmer and wetter. scientists say warmer air holds more water vapor. that fuels thunderstorms, sparking more lightning. the study appears in the journal of science. it could be a big blow to the u.s. strategy against isis. two syrian opposition figures say the militant group met with al qaeda's branch agreeing to stop fighting with each other and work together against their opponents. today, the head of isis said he will fight to the last man. that came in an audio statement his first since a u.s.-led alliance began conduct air strikes on isis in iraq and syria. the state department has.
4:32 pm
awe thenuthenticated the audio. the ceo of the company ma thaks bullet proof vehicles got inside one of their company's suvs and took live fire from an ak-47. texas armor incorporated posted this video on youtube. in all, the shooter fires 12 rounds at the armored mercedes. the company said it wants to demonstrate it takes client safety seriously. scientists are revealing more problems with the probe that landed on the space comet. abc news reporter marcie gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: our first up-close look at the rocky surface of a comet. >> there it is. this is the big crater on the
4:33 pm
head of the comet. >> reporter: the image, taken from the lander, the spacecraft that made history yesterday when it became the first to ever land on a speeding comet. a mission we now know is facing some challenges. scientists say it's not securely anchored to the surface after problems with its harpoon system. >> we landed. then we bounced. even more than what we thought yesterday. >> reporter: scientists say that first bounce was so big, it went off the comet's surface for two hours, then it bounced again, ending up in the shadow of a cliff where the solar panels used to keep it charged aren't able to get as much sunlight as expected. >> this has an impact on our capabilities to conduct science for an extended period of time. >> reporter: but for now it's able to collect data that scientists hope could answer questions about the start of our
4:34 pm
solar system and the origins of life on earth. >> it could believe that comets seeded the earth for the building blocks of life. >> reporter: comets are trying to adjust, but this landing is being called one of the greatest scientific achievements of all-time. marcie gonzalez, abc news, new york. whether you want to see a show or eat some food for a good cause, there's a lot to do this weekend. leyla gulen has what you can explore where you live. >> reporter: the blue and yellow big top is up at at&t park in san francisco. cirque du soleil is back. watch as an inventor reinvents time, space, and dimension. and the san mateo harvest festival is back. known as the largest indoor show of its kind on the west coast, artisans will sell nor than 24,000 hand made art and more. and check out the best of the east bay's culinary scene.
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more than ho top chefs, wineries and breweries are brought together under one roof. and three bay area favorites are joining forces this year to the tree lighting ceremony. join santa claus and others for a holiday treat that includes music, dance and more. and this movie written and directed, check out "my interview." find out more by going to our website, coming up, the first of its kind between the meeting of two world record holders. >> and the trick shot that sent one harlem globe trotter into the record books again. a live look from our
4:36 pm
emeryville camera showing you a beautiful sunset. we have the clouds up there. we'll take look how sunny we get for friday with the forecast. taking a live look at your traffic at 4:30. live above oakland and 880, the south bound lane of 880, a track jackknifed and crashed into a concrete support. caltrans crews are inspecting it. you can see the backup now. again, this is 880 south bound. this will likely go for a few more hours.
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. there is a very special orangutan bond in illinois. 10-month-old cachil and his adopted mom maggie are inseparable. he was abandoned by his biological mother at toledo zoo and taking to milwaukee county zoo but didn't bond well there. the two aren't on public display yet. in london, a meeting of epic proportions. the world's tallest and shortest men meeting for the first time today, commemorating world record today. the man from turkey measures 8'3" and the man from nepal is
4:40 pm
1'9". hundreds of thousands of people are competing for record titles today. that's quite the photo today. one world record was not enough for cory "thunder" law. standing near one basket. he tosses this ball, and nothing but net more than 82 feet away breaking the record for the farthest basketball shot made backwards. he broke the record for longest front shot last year at nearly 110 feet away. i bet stef curry could give him a run for his money. spencer christian is on assignment tonight. here is a weather update. >> we're tracking a nice end to the workweek. friday looking brighter than today. we'll show you we have shed the area of the showers, but we still have a veil of cloud cover, and that's good news
4:41 pm
tonight. that's going to keep us on the warmer, mild side overnight. take a look at the nationwide forecast for overnight lows. again, early morning hours of friday, a huge chunk of the united states is going to dip well below freezing. look at atlanta, georgia, dropping to 27 degrees. dallas, 30 degrees. rapid city, an overnight low of 1. a bitter chill has taken hold of much of the united states. the only exception, california. we're pretty mild for this time of the year. highs for friday, 33 for denver, when they could see some snow showers. 69 in sacramento, 80 for palm springs and 51 in tahoe. closer to the bay area we go, right where we should be, 64 for san francisco. 66 for oakland. coming up at 5:00, sandya patel will track our next chance for wet weather. guys? >> thank you, drew.
4:42 pm
still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00, deep inside a crater. the mission scientists are on and what they didn't find. plus, i go one on one with the wrestling legend hulk hogan. and i'm just going to tell you, somebody may get body slammed at the end of this. >> yeah. hackers may be swiping your personal information out of your wallet without you even knowing it. >> you think it's me that is the victim in you might be surprised. we want to update you one more time on the traffic situation on 880 southbound in oakland. this is around 23rd avenue. the reason we're going to continue focusing on this throughout the rest of the afternoon and eving is because the warriors have a game tonight t 7:30 tonight. 880, a major road getting there. so
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bulldog: oooh! bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: on now. ♪ mattress discounters >> this is abc7 news. a scientific mission inside a newly formed crater in siberia
4:46 pm
has given this incredible view that some locals call the end of the world. it shows a person repelling to the bottom of the icy hole last week. yamal means the end of the world according to the siberian times. researchers hope the mission will help them understand the origin of this hole and why they suddenly appear. what they did not find, alien beings. french authorities say they'll have to wait until friday morning to continue their search for a tiger seen prowling outside paris. it was first spotted in a supermarket parking lot. police aren't sure where it came from, but they set up a security perimeter and are asking everyone to stay indoors. credit card hacking and identity theft can cost you a lot of time, headaches and money. >> michael finney is here with a new warning. >> this is such a bummer. listen to this.
4:47 pm
hackers have figured out how to steal your credit card information using a smartphone app. robert herbachek shows us how it works. >> you put this near your purse a and we're able to take your entire credit card information. >> experts say thieves can steal data with cards embedded with microchips. the solution, get this, put your cards into aluminum foil so the data cannot be lifted. if it seems like you're paying more for your employee health care plan, you are. the average worker will pay about 55% more for health care next year than they did just in 2010. on average, workers will pay about $5100 for premiums and out of pocket expenses next year. that's up from about $3200 five years ago. for years now, businesses have
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been reducing their share of the health care bill by increasing what workers pay. experts say with the improving economy, workers are feeling more financially secure and are willing to spend more on their health care. a growing number of retailers are pushing last-minute deliveries this year. survey shows 1/4 of retailers surveyed promise delivery by christmas for orders placed three days ahead of time. how will they do it? shippers say they learned their lesson from thousands of late deliveries last year. fedex and u.p.s. say they have made big changes to handle the last-minute onslaught. uh-huh, we'll see. i know they're getting better at this, but more and more of us go, okay, i'll wait until the 4th. >> thanks, michael. the most famous professional wrestler in history was in the bay area, talking about
4:49 pm
wrestlemania xxxi coming here next march. hulk hogan is on the left, in case you didn't know. >> thank you for clearing that up. >> talking about this spring's big event. wwe has seen nearly 170 countries each week, and hulk told me he can't wait for the spotlight to fall on the bay area. >> out here in levi stadium and these hard core fans, it's going to be intense, that whole week of wrestlemania, with the energy, the economy, and all the events going on. so i'm going to be out here a week early for this wrestlemania. i think it's going to be the biggest wrestlemania we've ever had. >> he said i could wear the boa. the hulkster told me he gets constant requests from people who want him to body slam them. >> that's not going to happen. >> there's a lot of people in this building that would pay good money to see you body slam
4:50 pm
me. there's a nice set right there, that they would like through the table. >> the concrete is a lot softer. >> i don't think it is. >> oh, it is, yeah. >> he encouraged me to try the concrete. again, declined. wrestlemania xxxi takes place in santa clara sunday, march 29, and tickets go on sale saturday. he is fantastic. i have to tell you, at 6:00, during the sports cast, we have a very special -- he goes all, what you going to do, brother! you do not want to miss it. it's going to be very good. >> unfortunately, no body slam. thank you so much. abc7 news at partnered once again with bay area food banks to help feed the hungry this holiday. >> give where you live this thanksgiving for our 23rd annual food drive. our spencer christian is live at the san francisco food bank with more. spencer? >> reporter: i'm happy to report
4:51 pm
that boy scouts from the county have joined us, they call it scouting for food. joining us right now is tim wells. >> i'm senior district executive. >> reporter: tell us, tim, about the effort here. >> it's a nationwide boy scouts of america program. we've been doing it since 1988 in marin. we have brought in over a million pounds of food since then. about an average of 40,000 a year. >> guys seem to be into it. >> it's the favorite project of the scouts in marin. they love doing the food drive. we'll have 1300 to 1500 scouts and their parents on the streets. >> we appreciate your effort. you can join the effort by texting the word feed to 80077 for a $10 donation. >> thank you, spencer. up next, a look at san mateo county. one bay area man's story through a lens and thousands of photo
4:52 pm
negatives. coming up new at 5:00, san jose's police chief is in hot water. what he got from the 49ers that's snagged two top commanders. and turkey test. all those pop-up timers, are they the best way to know when the bird is done? michael finney has answers for you. that and a lot more at 5:00.
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nearly one year ago -- tonight at 11:00, an update on how miles is doing and all the goodness that came from that one big wish being granted. in san mateo county, the historical association received a valuable and timeless donation, talking about 250,000 photographic negatives. >> as wayne freedman reports, they come from one man and tell
4:56 pm
a complex story. >> reporter: some of us have visual memories. here's the man whose photo also be filling in more than a few blanks. >> it's not extraordinary they were taken, but extraordinary they were kept. >> reporter: he spent most of his life here as a commercial photographer. slgtsz i think it's the only way we really get to know who we were. >> reporter: his remarkable gift of images to the county historical association cuts to the essence of that. it's a daunting collection, 65 boxes. 250,000 individual negatives and the historical association has to go through every single one of them. >> well, i saw all the boxes come the first day. i say holy toledo. >> reporter: mr. pearl's photographs capture pretty much
4:57 pm
every notable event and place in this country for the last 60 plus years. >> i had five minutes to do this picture, because the plane -- one of the planes was going out on schedule and they weren't going to hold the schedule. >> reporter: the photos show how people change, too. teens outside a movie theater. clean cut, adult looking eighth graders in a dance. celebrities, politicians up close and personal without security. there's dwight eisenhower getting off air force one. they are pictures as a time capsule. remember when service stations had attendants? >> check the tire or oil. you had to tell them not to if you were in a hurry. >> reporter: not long ago, it was yes. changes happen, sometimes by accident. they become historic.
4:58 pm
wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> incredible. thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. child porn arrest. police slap the cuffs on a south bay man. you won't believe how young some of the children were. the san jose police chief in hot water. what he got from the 49ers that already snagged two top commanders. >> half of it sells first and then it's split. >> trouble in the bay area. why it did not take much to topple them. >> and more rain may be on the horizon. i'll be looking at the forecast coming up. live, this is abc7 news. a couple freeway crashes are making the highways tough going. inspectors are checking for any possible damage to an oakland
4:59 pm
freeway after a big rig truck struck an overcrossing and flipped over. 880 and 23rd avenue this afternoon. >> this is a live look. the highway patrol just reopened the freeway after briefly closing all south bound lanes to get a heavy lift tow truck in place. drivers in the area can expect some slow going until the early evening. >> just look at that ribbon of headlights. and in san jose, highway 101 just reopened after firefighters used the jaws of life to rescue a truck driver. he's expected to be okay. >> here's video just in now of that rescue from the fire department. wow, the crash happened on north bound 101 about 1:30 this afternoon. the truck's front tire blew out, causing the driver to crash and
5:00 pm
spill all the dirt it was carrying on the highway. >> all lanes of highway 101 in san jose just reopened after that truck crashed. here's another spot on the evening commute that is normally a lot of trouble. it's doing okay right now at this hour. but normally, highway 101 totally backed up. but good going so far. hope it stays that way for drivers going home. here's a look at all the roadways from our traffic computer. a lot of red. heavy traffic and a lot of drivers going nowhere fast. >> good evening, everybody. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. it's not just big rigs causing problems tonight. chain saws echo throughout san francisco today as rain and old age sent trees toppling. >> the tree limb was so big and large, it took out the supporting poles and wire


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